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There´re just a few left, so don´t miss that old girl and place an order!

Old Dreaming Lady - Traditional Scale

All prices are including 7% GER-VAT
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L a d y  is my first original sculpture ever and she´s now released in white artist resin!
This horse shows a loved and very old shire-mare in traditional size (medium size).

She´s very detailed sculpted with wrinkles, a lot of folding skin to underline her age, veins, chestnuts, hairy feet and ears, a braid with a sweet littl bow, eyelashes etc.
Her tail is short, but not docked. In addition, Lady is also pretty tack friendly! I´s a pleasure to combine her with other horses, as she always seems to "comunicate" with them. She´s also very lovely with children. :)
She´s a hollow cast (which makes light) with steel leg and tail supports and is casted as limited edition by "Resins by Randy".

Prices and Payment Options

Pay in Full:

Price: $240 incl. 7% GER-VAT
US-Shipment: $25 **
Int.-Shipment: $45 (varies)***

Payment via PayPal,
please contact me.

Time Payments:

Price: $240 incl. 7% GER-VAT
Time-Payment-Fee: $20
US-Shipment: $25
Int.-Shipment: $45 (varies)

Payment steps are free, but
more than $50 a month

Combine two of my

Price: $240 incl. 7% GER-VAT
US-Shipment: $35 (varies)
Int.-Shipment: $65 (varies)

Please contact for more.

Omnibus Order:

Up to 5% off each resin!*

Price: $240 incl. 7% GER-VAT
US-Shipment: $35 (varies)
Int.-Shipment: $65 (varies)

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*No discounts on time-payments.

You have the right to stop paying if you choose not to make your purchase after all, but none of the payments made by then will be refunded.

** US shipment takes about 2 to 5 working days

*** INT-Shipment time can vary depending on customs and shipment-time, it´s always something in between 2 to 4 weeks.

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