"Little Lilly"

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Lilly is my second original sculpture ever and I´m so proud and happy that she´s so successful!
This little baby filly could be shown as nearly every heavier breed, but originally she was Ladys foal and should
go as a little shire-mare in traditional size.
She´s very detailed sculpted with wrinkles, a lot of fuzzy hair everywhere to underline her age, veins, chestnuts,
hairy feet and ears, eyelashes etc.
It´s a pleasure to combine her with other horses, she fits well to every big mama. :)

The first mold was sold-out right away and the second run is NEARLY SOLD OUT!
So, don´t miss that little filly and grab the last copies!

This is also maybe your last chance to order BOTH (Lilly & her mother Lady)!

Little Lilly - Traditional Scale

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Pay in Full:

Price: $120 + 7% GER-tax
US-Shipment: $10
Int.-Shipment: $20 (varies)

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Time Payments:

Price: $120 + 7% GER-tax
Time-Payment-Fee: $20
US-Shipment: $10
Int.-Shipment: $20 (varies)
Steps are free, but more than
$50 a month

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Combine two of my

Price: $120 + 7% GER-tax
US-Shipment: $10
Int.-Shipment: $20 (varies)

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Omnibus Order:

Up to 5% off each resin!*

Price: $120X + 7% GER-tax
US-Shipment: $20 (varies)
Int.-Shipment: $40 (varies)

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*No discounts on time-payments.

You have the right to stop paying if you choose not to make your purchase after all, but none of the payments made by then will be refunded.

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