"Lilith - The Mystic Unicorn Mare"

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" L i l i t h " is graceful, of slight build and elegant.

She´s captured in the middle of a motion, a pose full of meanings... full of possibilities.
She´s keeping an eye on her surrounding, but at the same time her horn is pointing in front of her. She keeps someone or something "under control" or distant.

Lilith is based on the same OSC as "Soraya", but she is totally re-worked. New hair, tail and feathers. Her body is more fragile and asthenic. For e. g. she´s less muscular, less veined, her belly is more slim, her legs are light, her ears are much larger, her head is very light, tender and royal, just to mention the most obvious parts.

Liliths horn is removeable and if you preferred it shorter, it is easy to shorten it.

Lilith is sculpted with an sharp eye on anatomical correctness, the highest attention on details and the ability to capture a short gentle gesture into clay. 

She's in regular traditional size and will be casted in the US by the professional hands of the well known "Seunta LLC" team.(https://www.seunta.com).

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