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Meet the Sweets

These little ones are my studio mascots. The puppy shows a Bernese Mountain dog and the cat a large Main Coon. The puppies name is “Teddy” and the cats name “Fiona”. They fit perfectly to traditional scaled sculptures and are a very cute addition to every scene!


JR-Studios is working with 2 important partners  to produce high quality products. Shipment is mostly from the US, but sometimes also from Germany, please contact for details.

Jasmin is a delight to work with!
We are working with her since her first release back in 2007 and we are still producing "Old Lady & little Lilly" and we will of course produce all her future editions.
Resins by Randy
Partner Casting Service
I´m Prepping and home-casting for Jasmin. Working on one of Jasmin´s creations is always such a pleasure. It seems as if each model has its own heart and spirit.
Prepping & Casting Service

The things we do best

High Quality

JR-Studio stands for perfection, admiration to details and passion for the extra mile.

Your Happiness

... is our daily aim, as I sculpt each sculpture to make people happy and to enrich the hobby.

Life Show Quality

All sculptures, custs and paint-jobs are LSQ and can upward your show string significant!

My Partners

JR-Studios is just working with well known and established casting services, to ensure quality and a smooth process.

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