"Lilith - The Mystic Unicorn Mare"

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" L i l i t h " is graceful, of slight build and elegant.

She´s captured in the middle of a motion, a pose full of meanings... full of possibilities.
She´s keeping an eye on her surrounding, but at the same time her horn is pointing in front of her. She keeps someone or something "under control" or distant.

Lilith is based on the same OSC as "Soraya", but she is totally re-worked. New hair, tail and feathers. Her body is more fragile and asthenic. For e. g. she´s less muscular, less veined, her belly is more slim, her legs are light, her ears are much larger, her head is very light, tender and royal, just to mention the most obvious parts.

Liliths horn is removeable and if you preferred it shorter, it is easy to shorten it.

Lilith is sculpted with an sharp eye on anatomical correctness, the highest attention on details and the ability to capture a short gentle gesture into clay. 

She's in regular traditional size and will be casted in the US by the professional hands of the well known "Seunta LLC" team.(https://www.seunta.com).

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No discounts on time-payments.

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Page UPDATE: 04.03.2018

Here´s what I´m currently working on!
I´ve added a nice loading barn to make it more clear how far I´m with the projects :) hope you like it!

Fluffy Muffy - 
Work in Progress ► 
40% DONE!  

Molly & Milo - Overview
85% DONE! 

Apollo - Shire Stallion ►
50% DONE! 
85% DONE! 

Resin-Cust & Paintjob
for Dani ► 
95% DONE! 

Also for Dani a
Yummi Paintjob 
95% DONE! 
Breyer-Cust & Paintjob
Will be for Auction ►  
65% DONE! 

Cust & Paintjob for Meike
40% DONE! 



Open Commission Status List (CSL):

>>> Sorry, I can´t take commisions any more, it´s simply a time question <<<

Client Horses Service Status
Sabrina F.


Paintjob Pending
Meike Breyer Bouncer Cust & Paintjob Started the custwork


Cust & Paintjob

Nearly done
Nearly done


Paintjob Pending
RedRuby (Lori)  Alborozo-Pegasus Paintjob & Custjob Pending
Kim (Sportpferde Hallscheid)


Paintjob Pending

Old Dreaming Lady
Just In Time

on every single one

Prepped and Primered


Here you can see all the projects I'll be working on in the future.
As soon as there is a possible free slot I´ll change the "status" in the table :)

The order in the list says nothing about the processing sequence.
I've made the experience that I'm much faster and more effective when I´m always using every free time to work on a horse, for e.g. while I have to wait for others to dry from the painting/sculpting process.... instead of following a stiff structure. 
As soon as there is some progress visible, I´ll post a picture (with loading barn) on the home-page.

That way you are able to follow the status of your order.

"Old Dreaming Lady Resin"

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Lady is my first original sculpture ever and she´s now released in white artist resin!
This horse shows a loved and very old shire-mare in traditional size (medium size).
She´s very detailed sculpted with wrinkles, a lot of folding skin to underline her age, veins, chestnuts, hairy feet and ears, a braid with a sweet littl bow, eyelashes etc.
Her tail is short, but not docked. In addition, Lady is also pretty tack friendly! I´s a pleasure to combine her with other horses, as she always seems to "comunicate" with them. She´s also very lovely with children. :)
She´s a hollow cast (which makes light) with steel leg and tail supports and is casted as limited edition by "Resins by Randy".

There´re just a few left, so don´t miss that old girl and place an order!

Old Dreaming Lady - Traditional Scale

Ordering information, terms and prices are listed below!

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Price: $220 + 7% GER-tax
US-Shipment: $25
Int.-Shipment: $45 (varies)

Payment via PayPal,
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Time Payments:

Price: $220 + 7% GER-tax
Time-Payment-Fee: $20
US-Shipment: $25
Int.-Shipment: $45 (varies)

Payment steps are free, but
more than $50 a month

Combine two of my

Price: $220 + 7% GER-tax
US-Shipment: $35 (varies)
Int.-Shipment: $65 (varies)

Please contact for more.

Omnibus Order:

Up to 5% off each resin!*

Price: $220 + 7% GER-tax
US-Shipment: $35 (varies)
Int.-Shipment: $65 (varies)

Please contact for more.


*No discounts on time-payments.

You have the right to stop paying if you choose not to make your purchase after all, but none of the payments made by then will be refunded.

For detailed informations please contact! ►